PowerCite is a powerful citation manager that is completely integrated in your microsoft word for windows

It’s unique design is especially targeted for academic medical writing, when hunderds of references with full texts are being used for a single piece of literature

Use of taskpanes, instead of separate windows, makes it handy, and maximizes the use of your desktop space, especially when used in high resolution screens

Each document has its own bibliography database, which can be loaded with a single click

In addition, you can maintain a central repository, or load a database associated with some other document. Bibliography used in a document can be used to reconstruct a database, thus eliminating need to share your working database with your co-authors

references can be inserted in document with a single click, and indexing in database makes it easy to track your references. There are MULTIPLE other options to identify the references highlighted in the document .. in database, or vice versa

It supports multiple generic citation formats which are easily configurable into almost any format used in medical literature with just a few clicks. These custom formats can be saved, reused, and shared with ease

Its powerful database manager lets you quickly sort, filter or categorize your references … add notes, access PubMed links, and open PDF(‘P’’D’’F’) files with single clicks

Built in PDF viewer lets you save your unshared highlights and your reading position. It lets you search your PDF, and lets you search selected text from PDF on the web

Built in Web browser opens PubMed links with a single click, lets you save any web page as a reference, and lets you add a PubMed reference to your database … all with single clicks

A separate PubMed or Google Scholar search taskpane lets you perform focused and complex searches

In addition it has MANY features .. including

  • A quick calculator
  • A file browser for current document folder
  • Hidden notes saved within the document
  • Abbreviation management within a document
  • Searching full texts in all PDFs (‘P’’D’’Fs’) in your database
  • Moving references between databases
  • Automatically linking full text PDFs from your repository folder
  • Option to use a custom web string for your university access to PubMed
  • Extensive visualization customization options

and many others, that makes this a very powerful citation manager … minimizing the time spent on working with your bibliography and maximizing the time spent on writing.